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Welcome to AWE Direct

Founded in 1982 Automated Water & Effluent Ltd. has been serving the needs of the Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Industry for over 30 years. AWE Direct brings our range of products directly from Automated Water & Effluent Ltd to you.



Our Automated Water and Effluent Red Dosing Pump range now includes mechanical diaphragm pumps and piston plunger pumps to complement our wide range of solenoid metering pumps. In addition our AWE Instruments cover a wide range of disciplines varying from pH monitoring and control through to Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity. 


Never losing site of our customers real needs, we search the world markets to bring you the best and most appropriate technology. The result is an unmatched range of cost effective well featured instruments and controls.

Many of our products are exclusive to AWE Direct.

Our range of products is designed to cover the following disciplines, pH, Redox, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turibidity, Chlorine, Level Control, Level Measurment, Flow Measurement, Temperature, Industrial mixers or agitators, Diaphragm Dosing Pumps, Mechanical Diaphragm Dosing Pumps, Piston Plunger pumps, Chemical Storage Tanks, Bund Tanks, Peristaltic Pumps, Cooling Water Controllers, Solenoid Valves, Ampere Hour Meters, Brominators, Chemical Dosing Pots and virtually all the component parts or replacement items you need for water treatment or waste water treatment. 

Since technology does not stand still our range is under constant review so you can be confident in our solutions.




AWE Direct News:- New Teflon Junction pH Electrodes and Redox Electrodes

We are now able to supply our P8000-10B series high performance combination pH electrodes with a porous teflon liquid junction, and our R8000-10B series of high performance combination redox electrodes with a porous liquid junction.

The new range of P8000 pH Electrodes and R8000 Redox Electrodes are ideal for solutions which are incompatible with ceramic. Some chemical blends involving strong acids or strong alkali solutions can slowly dissolve the ceramic junction. Other substances can block the ceramic junction such as biological effluents which contain fats, oils or greases. 

The P8000-10B porous teflon liquid junction pH electrodes and R8000-10B high performance liquid teflon junction redox electrodes aim to eliminate these concerns. 

More about our P8000-10B High Performance pH Electrodes and R8000-10B High Performance Redox Electrodes