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AWE Direct News:- New Teflon Junction pH Electrodes and Redox Electrodes

We are now able to supply our P8000-10B series high performance combination pH electrodes with a porous teflon liquid junction, and our R8000-10B series of high performance combination redox electrodes with a porous liquid junction.

The new range of P8000 pH Electrodes and R8000 Redox Electrodes are ideal for solutions which are incompatible with ceramic. Some chemical blends involving strong acids or strong alkali solutions can slowly dissolve the ceramic junction. Other substances can block the ceramic junction such as biological effluents which contain fats, oils or greases. 

The P8000-10B porous teflon liquid junction pH electrodes and R8000-10B high performance liquid teflon junction redox electrodes aim to eliminate these concerns. 

More about our P8000-10B High Performance pH Electrodes and R8000-10B High Performance Redox Electrodes