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Dosing Pumps

For dosing applications which require a greater flow or higher pressure output than our electronic dosing pumps. We offer a range of motor driven dosing pumps which may be fitted with either three phase or single phase electric motors. For automatic control from a 4 - 20mA control signal we are able to offer a servo motor which slowly adjusts the pump stroke length over a range of 0 - 100 % An alternative is to fit an oversized motor and control the pump speed by an inverter this is best limited to a speed range of 30 to 100% of the pumps speed.

Our motor driven pumps are supplied in three types as follows:

D Series


Mechanical diaphragm dosing pumps where the diaphragm is coupled directly to the mechanical actuator supplied on 4 sizes with outputs up to 400 L/Hr with either PVC or stainless steel heads as standard with optional polypropylene or PVDF. Offering a cost effective dosing solution to many high flow rate dosing applications.

A Series

A-series piston pump

Piston dosing pumps of simple design and construction ideally suited to dosing non abrasive solutions or where a high pressure pump is required. Pistons are of either stainless steel or ceramic with either stainless steel or PVC heads as standard, with other options of head material to special order.

A Series Piston pumps are supplied in 3 sizes A125 with a 12.5 mm stroke length, A175 with a 17.5 mm stroke length and A250 with a 25.0 mm stroke length different piston diameters and stroking speed make up a wide range of outputs.

B Series

B-Series pump

Hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps where a piston operates in a chamber of hydraulic fluid which is used to operate the chemical diaphragm. The benefit is the diaphragm is totally supported and operated by the hydraulic fluid. Three sizes of pump are offered providing outputs up to 1068 litres / hour with manual or automatic stroke length adjustment by a servo motor. Controlled by an industry standard 4 - 20 mA control signal. Heads are available in stainless steel, PVC and polyprolyne to suit a wide range of chemicals which maybe dosed.

Standard electric motors are 400 volt 3 phase 50Hz or 230 volt single phase with Ex-D motors 110 volt single phase and 60Hz motors being available to order. For use with invertors we recommend an over sized motor be fitted.


To complement our motor driven dosing pumps we also supply a range of accessories to complete your dosing system comprising of:

Doseuro Loading Valve PVC and Doseuro Loading Valve SS

Loading valves to prevent syphoning when the dosing point is lower than the chemical storage tank.

Pressure relief valves or safety valves designed to relive the pressure in the discharge line in the event of a blocked dosing line or one with a valve installed in the line. (not recommended).

Injection valves and foot valve

Injection valves for dosing into pipe work or the side of a full vessel usually has a non return function built in to prevent back feeding of the chemical when the pump is not pumping.

Foot valves for installation when pumping out of a vessel to prevent the pump loosing its prime when not pumping.

Other items can be supplied; please call us with your requirements.