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Level Control

Liquid level control is a huge market with many different technologies our level controllers are for safe area use designed to provide simple control systems. By using more than one controller we are able to offer control of two or more pumps and high and/or low level alarms.

Our ALC1101controller is designed for inside panel mounting. The principal of operation is by detecting the electrical resistance between electrodes set at desired levels. The electrodes are connected to a low voltage electrical sensing circuit which is amplified to control the switching relay within the liquid level controller. When the liquid rises or falls and makes or breaks contact with an electrode the switching relay energises or deenergises as per the required setting.

The PLS1 pneumatic level switch has a tube which cut to the desired length as the liquid rises it covers the tube and pressurises the air inside which operates a switch in the controller head. The advantage being the solution does not need to be conductive so this is an ideal answer for level control of demin water tanks.

The FS10 is simply a float switch with a 10 meter cable providing a low cost reliable solution to pump control and alarm.

Liquid Level Controllers & Electrodes

ALC1101W1Level controller

ALC1101 Plug in level controller for inside panel mounting for use with conducting electrodes.

ALC1101W1Level controller supplied in weatherproof enclosure

LE1/3 Multi electrode holder in PVC to hold up to 3 x 1/4" Ø Stainless steel electrodes

LE1/5 Multi electrode holder in PVC to hold up to 5 x 1/4" Ø Stainless steel electrodes

LE20 Electrode holder with 3 x 3 mm Ø 900 mm long stainless steel electrodes with plug and socket connector.

LE1/5, LE6/3, LE7 electrode holders

LE6/3 Electrode holder 3 x 1.2m long P.V.C. legs and carbon tips to be cut to length.

LE6/5 Electrode holder 5 x 1.2m long P.V.C. legs and carbon tips cut to length.

LE7 Single PVC electrode holder to hold one 1/4" Ø electrode.

LE7-WMB3 Wall mounting bracket for 3 LE7 electrodes
LE7-WMB5 Wall mounting bracket for 5 LE7 electrodes


SS025 1/4" Stainless rod per metre or part metre length
SS025 PC 1/4" Stainless rod plastic coated per metre or part metre length
TR 025 1/4" Titanium rod per metre or part metre length
HC 025 1/4" Hastaloy “C” rod per metre or part metre length

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Pneumatic Level Switches


PLS 1 Pneumatic level switch for single point level control 3/4” BSP

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Float Switch

 Float switch

FS10 Float switch mercury free with Polyethylene body and 10 metres of PVC connecting cable

CW1 Optional counter weight.