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Many of our customers that measure and adjust the pH of their solutions also need to mix both the reagents being dosed and the waste water being dosed and corrected. From around 1985 we have manufactured a range of simple mixers:

Our mixers are manufactured in two types high speed mixers where the propeller rotates at the speed of the motor and geared mixers where the impeller is driven through a reduction gearbox.

High speed mixers must always be installed in tanks which are always full of liquid when the mixer is to be run as the propeller has a self-centering action when rotating at speed in the liquid.

High Speed Mixers


The TM range of high speed mixers are for securely mounting on the top of a tank or mixer bridge. The shaft coupling and propeller are all manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel the propeller is of the 3 bladed marine type. Our preference is for 415 volt 3 phase motors but single phase motors can be supplied on some models.

Geared Mixers


The GMW geared mixers are manufactured using a worm driven gearbox with a hollow shaft. The mixer shaft is precision machined to suit and fitted with a keyway. The impeller is a three bladed flat type manufactured in 316 stainless steel. The mixer blades have a large surface area to ensure efficient mixing.

We are happy to make up specials with multiply blades slow speed motors, Ex rated motors and air motors please contact our sales office with your precise requirements.