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Replacement pH Probe PS183-20B

replacement ph probe model PS183-20b

The PS183-20B is a replacement pH Probe designed to work with our PS90S Dip pH Electrode system. The probe has a 3/4" BSP mounting thread and is designed with an electrode guard to prevent the glass bulb being compromised from mechanical damage, it has a very fast response time using a free flowing annular ceramic junction. With the 3/4" BSP thread can be easily removed from the dip pH electrode system for calibration or service. 

Please note - the PS183-20B formerly carried model number PS183-750-20B; but is now referred to the more straight forward PS183-20B. 

Replacement pH Probe model PS183-20B.

The PS183-20B replacement pH probe is a combination pH probe in rugged industrial housing manufactured in PVC. The probe has the 3/4" BSP thread at the base so it can easily be screwed into one of our dip assemblies - most commonly the PS90S Submersible pH electrode system. The PS183-20B construction includes an electrode guard to prevent mechanical damage to the glass bulb while still allowing excellent contact with the solution to be measured. The PS183-20B has a non-fouling annular ceramic junction for excellent response time for excellent continual pH measurement in industrial applications.

The PS183-20B is designed as a replacement pH Probe insert for use with the PS90S dip pH electrode assembly. This is designed for mounting in open tanks, pits, sumps or any other unpressurised vessel. These are commonly mounted within tanks that have dosing pumps, industrial mixers or agitators mounted into them. We would recommend that where an industrial mixer or agitator is present - that the liquid to be monitored is reasonably clear of solids or particulates that may damage the glass. In instances where particulate matter is present - we would suggest using our replacement tuff tip pH probe model PTT183-20B.

Replacement pH Probe Model PS183-20B Features & Benefits.

The PS183-20B replacement pH probe non-fouling annular reference junction is a sealed pH probe for use with a PS90S dip pH electrode system for submersion in industrial applications that use unpressurised vessels. The pH probe has a built in electrode guard to resist against mechanical damage. These probes are frequently mounted in tanks where agitators or industrial mixers are present. This pH electrode is designed for rugged applications and gives precision measurements across the 0 - 13pH range and is suitable for a temperature range of 0 - 50°C.

The PS183-20B is supplied with 20 feet of connecting cable as standard and a BNC plug for easy connection to our pH instrument range.

Replacement pH Probe Model PS183-20B Connection Types and cable length.

The PS183-20B replacement pH probe is available with a number of connection types; as standard we supply the PS183-20B with 6 metres of connecting cable and a BNC fitting.

For custom fitting types please see the below table for the ordering number and options:-

PS183 - XX - Z

Replacement pH Probe Model Number.


Cable Length

10 = 3 Metres

20 = 6 Metres

30 = 9 Metres


Connection Type

B = BNC Connector (Most Common)

T = Stripped & Tinned Connections

S8 = S8 Connector (No Cable)

A = U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments

I = Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments

K = Belling Lee Connector for older UK pH Instruments

More information on pH electrode connection types

The PS183-20B Rugged pH Electrode maybe used as a replacement for many other manufacturers electrodes, often outperforming the original electrodes. 

Replacement pH Probe PS183-20B In Summary

Range pH: 0 - 13 pH

Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C

Response Time: Excellent

Electrode Type: Combination submersion type pH probe with 3/4" BSP thread.

Reference Type: Isolated Silver - Silver Chloride.

Junction Type: Annular Ceramic Non Fouling Type.

Fittings: Base mounted 3/4" BSP thread.

Model Numbers Available Ex-Stock:

PS183-20B - Replacement pH Probe with 6 metres connecting cable & BNC fitting.

PS183-20T - Replacement pH probe with 6 metres connecting cable & stripped and tinned connections.

Ordering: Please Specify model using PS183 and then the naming convention defined in the above table for cable and connection type.

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